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 Roller Derby in Sydney

Roller Derby is 'a dynamic, all inclusive, full contact womens's (and men's) team sport striving for empowerment, athleticism and, above all, fun'. Before you get started you'll need rollerskates (quads) that are suited to roller derby (and we are.. definitely not referring to your white starfire skates!). Co-ed bouts are increasingly popular and there is also a growing number of junior roller derby leagues in Australia.

Rollerskating Sydney runs lessons (by appointment) not far away from Luna Park at a great location called Bradfield Plaza!

What skating skills are relevant to roller derby?

In order to be able to play full contact roller derby many leagues will want you to acquire skills such as (but not limited to):
- Plow stops, T - stops, Knee taps, Double knee slides, one foot glides, lateral movement across the track, backwards skating at a moderate pace, hopping, jumping, weaving, transitions, standing and stepping from a standstill, unexpected obstacles, giving and receiving arm and hip whips, pushes, paceline skating, etc. In terms of skating fitness it is recommended that skaters should be able to skate 27 laps in 5 minutes with good skating posture and stride and able to comfortably perform crossovers. Proceed to SMS booking request instructions

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