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Pricing Available upon request
Rollerskating Sydney lessons
Do you own ALL of your own equipment (wrist, knee, elbow pads, helmet & skates)?

Get an introductory lesson via ZOOM
*You must have a parent / legal guardian present during the lesson Parent must be physically present during the lesson. Helmets wearing is compulsory for all participants, instructors and anyone on wheels near the lesson participants.


Due to SYDNEY COVID19 Restrictions we are running private 1-on-1 lessons ONLY

We'll need to ascertain your location (suburb) to make sure we don't break the 5km rule.
Indicate if you have your own rollerskates (send a photo of the skates).
Indicate if you have your own wrist, knee, elbow pads plus helmet. Limited equipment available.
ALL participants (instructors and students) agree to wear helmets when involved in lessons.
You will agree to check-in at the beginning of your lesson.
If you live in outer Sydney you'll probably be beyond the 5km rule so what then?! If you have ALL of your own (good quality) equipment and a smooth undercover area then a Zoom lesson could be the way to go. More information about rollerskating and rollerblading Zoom lessons available here:


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