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 Rollerskating Fitness

Rollerskating Sydney lessons are a great way to improve your level of fitness. There are some very useful iPhone and Android apps that can assist you in losing that extra weight, tracking your distances, etc. Before doing skating lessons we recommend that participants have a reasonable level of fitness. What is reasonable? Whilst we do encourage participants to take short rests you would need to be able to have the fitness necessary to be able to
- walk comfortably for two hours
- balance on one bent leg with ease for 5-10 seconds
- not have a history of fainting or overheating when exercising
- consult your doctor / physio if you are uncertain.

If you have done snow skiing and / or ice skating you will be at a slight advantage but it is impossible to answer the question
"how many lessons will I need?".

You may also wish to consider rollerblading fitness classes here.

It is recommended that you do not engage in excessive physical exercise prior to your lesson. Follow us on Instagram.


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